Sunday, May 15, 2011

Library Hack 2011

I recently facilitated a few workshops over at The EDGE for this years Libary Hack project. Library Hack is a collaborative effort between the State Libary of Queensland and The EDGE to get people engaged in remixing and mashing together old archived SLQ Libary content to create new contemporary outcomes. There are a number of data sets / content people can mash together, from using the convict records data to create an interactive app to hundreds of previously copyrighted images from Picture Queensland you can use to mash together and remix into the 21st century. My job as a facilitator was to run workshops teaching people some basic photo editing techniques in Photoshop, running through a few of my own mashup's as an example. Participants where then encouraged to create there own photo mashup's using any number of the great images released by Picture Queensland and a number of other Interstate Libraries and enter it into the Library Hack competition where big cash prizes can be one. If you fancy having a hack then check the Liabry Hack website for deets!

Here's a few of my own mashup's so far:

Total Stranger - Sleepless ep

Promo vid I made in After Effects for Gold Coast based music producer Total Stranger.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vegas Spray Feature

Vegas Spray are currently featuring my work.